AGM Minutes 24 March 2019

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Thursday 21st March 2019

Present:  37 members including:


Chair: Sue Slack

Secretary: Karen Farmer-Scott

Membership Secretary: Dean Wise

Treasurer: Amanda Welburn-Smith

President and maps: Syd Youngson

Coach: Dave Owuor


Tuesday training: Paul Tate-Smith, Sally Brown


Apologies: Steve Hampshire, Nicola Wise, Lizzy Wise, Peter Allen, Nick Cousins, Kim C, Terry Green, Sally Raines, Dave Hinchliff, Aimi Duff, Serena Partridge, Simon Jones

Chair welcomed all and listed just some of the many activities that PRC members have been involved in in the last year-a pretty active club!

Election of Officers: SS standing down as Chair – Dean W was nominated as new Chair. SS proposed, seconded by Sally E and Syd Y.  Majority show of hands

Simon Tyrell nominated as new membership secretary – Proposed by SS seconded by Michael Hetherton. Majority show of hands

Peter Clisby (Web manager) standing down – Tess Roebuck nominated as new website developer. Proposed by Dean W seconded by Shirley Tyrell. Majority show of hands.

Present committee members willing to stand for re-election

Karen FS – Club Secretary

Amanda WS – Treasurer

Dave O – Coach

Majority vote of confidence


Membership fees for 2019 will be £38.00 Full individual membership (required to take part in York Road League) and £23.00 Basic membership

Currently have a total of 89 members

Membership fees need to be paid in full by 1st April (if paying by bank transfer, please email Dean or Amanda with your name, amount and when) otherwise money can be paid in an envelope with name and amount.

Treasurers Report: we are currently £2355.00 in credit. AWS will provide fully audited accounts by the end of the month.

Facebook and Website: Tess to liaise with PC regarding new Website.

SS reminded members - Private Forum is for members viewing only and Blogs are for anyone

FB page for members only or at discretion of committee.

Training: Sunday Training – Good   -DO currently out of action due to injury, but PTS offered to organise some Sunday training in Dave's absence.

                 Tuesday Training – PTS, SB, AH  - Good

PRC Equipment – returned to SS to take stock before itemizing and logging  (SS would like Equipment details and who stores them to go on new web once up and running)

First Aid certificates expire shortly (SY) – Serena organizing dates with John Richards (May/June) for general first aid and cost. Dean to liase with Serena and John.

PRC Kit (DW)- possible new kit and style… viewed by members.  General opinion is to keep the original design without adornment of flags. Enquiries if have male/female shaped T-shirts, and sample of running vest and T-shirt need viewing regarding fabric. Also hoodies and zoodies available. Dean has been looking at possible designs. Shirley to take on clothing kit ordering.

Shirley T/Dean to liaise re above.

Currently have old stock of 15 vests…ST suggested new people could pay for and use old-style vests and swap them when new ones come in

Min order of 12 vests required of new stock.

Ongoing discussion...

PRC Race reports: - SS thanked Lizzy Wise and Rachael Harper for their brilliant job writing up race reports….(RH now standing down as race reporter. Peter Allen to work with Lizzy)

Summer Runs – in hand.  Members to contact either SY or DW if you have any new run suggestions.

SY – chasing up return of old previous run maps. Both SS and DW have quite a collection plus another folder from Steve H so it looks likely that we can reuse most maps.

Committee to look into putting our maps on line

Club Events

Handicap – 25th April (social event hosted by Terry Green and his wife Kath)

Cleveland Relay – 23rd June   volunteers needed to organize(Debbie & Simon Rycroft thanked for organizing last year)

Club Champs – 11th July   Nick Cousins and Kim Cavill have in hand

Esk Valley Fell Racing – PRC - now run Saltersgate Gallows this will be in Nov, date  changed as clashed with car rally last few years (KC) 

Lockton Limping also taken over by PRC – this will be in September (NC)

Castle Howard (SY, DW) - 30th June   New Race director is Dave Smith.  Details to follow

Fun Run:  6th June at Dalby Forest-Green Gym, short run, game of rounders followed by BBQ/picnic. KFS may be able to source rounders bats.

Expedition Plans – Organized by Steve Hampshire and open to all PRC members. Details on Facebook/website-any interest contact Steve (Please note these are not formal club activities and you go on these at your own risk).

Daylighters Group-SH now retired and started a Daylighters club (found on Whatsapp). SS collected phone numbers from interested members to pass onto SH.

Presentation Evenings - Apologies from Philly due to heavy work load and away a lot, unable to put things together. 

ST suggested that it shouldn't necessarily be down to one person to organise. It was agreed that if anyone has got any  ideas about a presentation evening, please contact a committee member.

Club League: Mike W apologized, but doesn’t want to start putting records on yet until the new web site is up and running

Christmas Party :  Russ and Mike W to sort


DW thanked SS on behalf of the club, for keeping it a happy and busy one, much of which was down to her.

Sue thanked DW and wished him Good Luck




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Sun 24 Mar 2019 (All day)