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Hi those going on the visit to R A F  Fylingdales , just a little nudge, can those who havn't paid yet please let me have your fee n then I can get a cheque made out for them --- it is only just over 4 weeks to go. thanks 


Sunday training

Hi All, sorry for short notice, I’ll be leading a training session this coming Sunday . For those who can make it, please bring some gloves with you, as most of the training will be on tarmac . same time ( 6:45 am), Whitby road . Thanks Dave

Cleveland way relay

Hi All!! It's Jen on mum's account!

Please see below the updated version of the Cleveland way relay team. If you haven't yet already please let me know your estimates time/pace.

We don't yet have enough people for two teams but with a few more we could so please get in touch! 

Phone: 07791124214


If you are struggling with lifts please let me know.



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Y.D.R.R.L Tadcaster.

If anyone requires a lift tomorrow night  I will be going in my car early about 6.15pm ,give me a call or txt..  If you can please car share where possible.

 Will see you round the route some where. 

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 Don’t forget the York League Races start on Tuesday night at Pocklington , start time is 7.00pm and is at Woldgate School.  You will have to park your cars at either the Rugby Club or in town.  Leave your selves. 10/15 mins to walk up to the start. I will be going early as I’m doing the photos this year so going in my own car to go out onto the route.  Feel free to still meet-up outside my house and please car share.


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Fylingdales update

 Can those going on the visit to Fylingdales and have not forwarded their details to me ,can you please do so before the week end . I have to have them into RAF Fylingdales next week. 

 Thanks  Syd.

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Tuesday Training

As you all are aware Sally, Andy and myself run a training session every Tuesday meeting at the Malton School Sports Centre at 6.30pm. Sessions last an hour and we have a varied programme which you can find on the web site.

We get between 6 or 10 members joining us and we all find the sessions very worthwhile.

We are relunctant to change the date or time but would more of you join us if we did change something?

Please let me know 


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Hello to those who wanted to go on the visit , the quota is FULL .I have the 25 names now plus some.

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RAF Fylingdales summer visit.

 Hi everyone , some of you may recall that 2/3 years back I tried to organise a tour round RAF Fylingdales. Well this afternoon I recieved an email from Fylingdales  offering us (PRC) a tour. The dates that I have been given are  ::::  18th ;; 20th ;; 25th ;; 26th and 27th June all either a Tuesday or a Thursday night. Also  the 13th ;; 14th ;; 15th ;; 20th ;;21st and 22nd August  which are on a Tuesday night or Wednesday night or aThursday night, those are the dates that are available.

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Tuesday trail run

Trail run Tuesday 1830 kirkdale church carpark. Run for 90 mins. If you need further detail please shout. Thanks Steve

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