Minutes of AGM - 2012

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Present: Syd Youngson, Hannah Bosomworth, Karen Loseby, Rebecca Bruce, Mike Hetherton, Andy Harvey, David Brown, Rich Howell, Sarah Sissons, Kim England, Shirley Tyrrell, Sam Holtby, Lorraine Laycock, Jayson Cavill, Graham Harrison, Dave Ward, Lynn Humpleby, Tess Roebuck, Sarah Ridley, Philly Hare, Peter Winter, Steve Hampshire, Martin Connell, Dean Wise, Mike Wilson, Dan Froggatt, Nicola Wise

Apologies: Jayne Farrar, Ian Farrar, Terry Greene, Nick Cousins

Chair’s Welcome (Syd)

Syd welcomed all present and announced current positions in the Winter Fell running series and final positions in the 2011 York Summer league. He explained that he was now resigning as Chair and thanked the club for their support in his time as Chair.

Two proposed amendments to constitution (Peter)

The meeting approved two minor additional clauses i.e. clauses 3.1 (officers of committee) and 8.1 (dissolution).

Election of officers (Steve)

Steve thanked all officers for their support and contributions throughout the year. The following were elected to the Comittee:

Chair                                                              Steve
Treasurer                                                       Peter
Secretary                                                       Karen/ Philly job-share
Head Coaches                                             Dan and Graham
Website Officer                                             Martin
Publicity Officer                                            Andy
Runs programme organiser                       Syd - liaising with Dan, Graham and Steve
Honorary President                                     Syd

Treasurer’s report (Peter)

  • Statement of accounts and overall financial position (kindly audited by Lorraine). Current balance approx £735. Situation healthy. Peter also applying for UKA funds.
  • Membership of EA and ARC to continue, mainly for insurance reasons
  • Increase in membership fee as from 1 April 2012 to £30 agreed, to cover costs of £27 pp plus contingencies.
  • Other types of membership i.e. ‘social’ and ‘running’ to be discontinued (carried by vote: 11 yes, 7 no)

Other quick updates and plans for 2012

Leadership/coaching (Dan, Graham, Steve) – Will do a survey on what people want to about summer runs – outcome for discussion at next Progress Meeting. Coaches may start a summer training run on Tuesdays.

Media (Andy) – grateful for members to keep snippets of news, race results etc coming. Positive feedback on media coverage of beginners’ course.

Website (Martin) – various new features in place e.g. members list, how to join page. Working on photo gallery. Always welcomes ideas and feedback on website. Please all members register. Reminder that blogs are open to view by all, forums only open to members registered. Positive feedback on website coverage of beginners’ course.

Membership (Philly) – great to have growing membership – feedback always welcome. Please tell Philly if you need a club vest (£18). Membership fees of £30 due by 1 April – all members also requested to complete a new form (print from website). Please give both to Peter, cheque preferred.

Steve encouraged all members to be as involved as they can in the running of the club.

Forthcoming events

Run leaders training: Lorraine, Kim, Sam, Terry have applied for free places on March course. If others would like to lead runs occasionally, let Peter know so he can insure them under ARC. Dan and Graham signed up for another course - will enable them to produce personal training programmes.

PRC beginners’ course: 11 already signed up – will cover costs. Still need lots more – all can help by giving out posters etc, recruiting friends etc. Need vols for sign up day on 11 April and Wednesdays after that (6.30 pm) – if you can help, please sign up on website events page.

York Summer league season: 7 x 10km races around the area on Tuesday nights. Good fun! Starts 1 May. Cost for series is £8 inc pie supper! Usually lift sharing from Norton. Tell Syd if interested.

Support for Vanessa’s Olympic torch-bearing (Monday 18 June): please note in diaries - Hannah will liaise as more info available.

Club 10k Championship (Autumn): Dan to discuss with Terry – Kim will also help. Syd needs date/venue as soon as possible.

Christmas Dinner: Karen will lead, Hannah to help

Club downhill skiing trip 2013: likely to be mid/end Jan 2013 in new resort (Samoens). All welcome. Malcolm leading.

Daren Bilton’s offer to advise on/help organise an ultra race for PRC: Likely to be summer/autumn 2013. Kim to liaise. Will needs lots of help.

Other possible trips or socials (e.g. cycling, long distance walks/runs, raves, ceilidhs): Steve welcomed range of activity, but little note of caution re initiating too many things and making sure they come off.

Any other business

Various suggestions (for more discussion at next Progress Meeting): GPS maps of common runs; winter club championship run to piggyback on Fell series; 18 May race in Germany for age 35+ (see Mike H if interested); summer party (Karen planning); run from Caroline’s new house (Tess to liaise).

Other info: Ryedale Run still going ahead

Thanks : from Nicola (for cheering her as she finishes races); various new members for being made to feel welcome.  

Finally, Kim begged everyone to come to her party on 30 March J .

And Steve was thanked for his excellent chairing of the meeting.

Notes taken by Philly. Please advise of any omissions or inaccuracies.