Minutes of AGM - 2013




Minutes of the AGM




Chair’s Welcome (Steve Hampshire)

Steve congratulated members on a fantastic year for the club. Among our achievements, he highlighted the beginners’ course; the developing website; the growth in members; race successes; the supportiveness of the team for each other; the range of events and new ideas; the high media profile. He also mentionned a few areas for attention i.e. coordinating training sessions; summer route leaders; and sharing of committee jobs.

Treasurer’s report (Peter Winter)

Peter reported on a very healthy balance of around £1400, plus assets of £400 worth of vests. Lorraine was thanked for her help in auditing the accounts.

Peter explained the current situation re raising of EA fees. Those present unanimously accepted the recommendation that we remain with EA for a further year, but do not raise fees for members – these will stay at £30 this year. He invited members to give feedback on how useful the discount is over the coming year.

Election of officers (Steve)

The following were re-elected to office:

Chair: Steve                                                             

Treasurer: Peter                                                    

Joint secretary: Philly                                                

Head Coach: Graham                                                  

Website Officer: Martin

Runs programme organiser: Syd

Honorary President: Syd                                      

Karen and Andy stood down and were thanked for all their contributions to the Committee..

Shirley was elected in Karen’s place as Joint Secretary (prop: Sam: sec Sarah)

Kim and Lynn will jointly take on the role of Publicity Officer, though they chose not to serve on the committee (prop Sue: sec Hannah).

There was discussion about the balance of representation on the Committee e.g. whether we should have more run leaders, also if all post holders need/want to be on the Committee (some may just prefer to do their role but not be on the Committee). However no other changes were made.

Other quick updates and plans for 2013

Media: Andy was thanked for his starring role as PR and he thanked all for the brilliant material provided. The challenges for his successors would be negotiating space for key reports, and for getting the more personal observations in to the press.

Website: Martin stressed the importance of all members uploading their photos so they can be recognised. He also encouraged members to keep the activities lists up to date and to register for alerts for the various lists and forums, as required.

Membership: Philly drew attention to the significant increase in members – nearly 80 now and more than half are women.

Events in the coming year (various – need volunteers to lead and assist)

PRC beginners’ course: decision not to proceed this year as no one can commit to leading.

New PRC league: going well. Is encouraging members to try new events.

York Summer league season: 32 have signed up. It costs £8 for 7 races.

Club Championship (Autumn): Nick and Kim will organize a 10 k’ish race in Dalby, starting and finishing at the visitor centre. Food at Lockton village hall.

Handicap race: Terry has kindly offered to organise on August 1. Kath will do food.

Route from their house (Norton) includes 2.5 m time trial, then 2.5. m handicap. There will be a trophy J

Ryedale Run: Peter and Syd are meeting the organiser to explore PRC taking it over – but no commitment as yet. Hannah warned this would be a lot of work. To discuss at next progress meeting.

Christmas Dinner: Sadie volunteered to organise – will explore options/venues etc. Hannah to help.

Club skiing trip(s) 2014: Malcolm organising a downhill ski week at Samoen for about £850 each (if paid before end March). Likely also to be a cross country week.

Daren Bilton’s offer to organise an ultra race for PRC: Kim has had no time to pursue this.

Cleveland Way Relay:  Graham will organise a team for the relay on 23 June – legs are 5-14 km each. Needs 16 vols. Starts 5 am from Filey.

Wensleydale Wedge route walk: Lorraine and Syd planning long leisurely walk with picnic stop on 8 June. May arrange minibus. 

Edale: Peter planning YHA multi activity trip at end of year.

Helmsley 10K: David has entry forms.

Navigation: Peter planning day’s session in Dalby early May.

Any other business

Social membership : issue raised by Nick. It was agreed that this should be reinstated for past members who wish to continue social contact and have website access. Committee will set a nominal fee.

Sam asked for members to let him know if any preference s for future Flying Coach sessions.

Syd asked members to ensure they add their phone number on the contacts list on the website: it is secure

Steve thanked everyone and the meeting finished.