Minutes of the PRC 2014 AGM

Minutes of the PRC 2014 AGM

 Thurs 13th March at 7.15pm, Malton Cricket Club


Chair’s welcome and report (Steve)

Steve welcomed all members, especially those who had not been running recently due to illness or injury.



Terry, Jane, Ian, Martin, Serena


Minutes of previous AGM (March 2013)

Agreed as a correct record


Financial report (Peter)

Current balance still healthy though down, now £686.37. But we have invested in kit and equipment and subsidised the Xmas party.

Costs per member for 2014/15 will be approx:

Malton centre            10

Pickering centre         7

EA club member        1.5

EA indiv. member    10

ARC insurance           1.5

Website                         1

Misc                               4

Total                          35.00

It was agreed efforts should be made to bring/keep costs down if possible, e.g. by negotiating with the centres.


Election of officers

  • Peter stepped down as Treasurer and was thanked for his excellent service. One nomination received: Nicola Wise. Nominated by Steve, seconded by Peter Winter. Elected.
  • Martin stepped down from Committee too, and was also thanked for his great contribution. Peter Clisby volunteered to take over the website from Martin in due course.
  • All others were willing to stand for re-election, and as there were no other nominations, were duly re-elected.
  • Current committee now comprises:
    • Chair: Steve
    • Secretaries: Philly and Shirley
    • Treasurer: Nicola
    • President: Syd
    • Website: Peter C (to be confirmed)
    • Media: Lynn (with Kim)
    • Head coach: Graham


Membership issues

  • Committee’s recommendations for 2014/15 fees proposed:
    • Level 1: £ 25.00 (no E.A membership, therefore cannot participate in 10K road race league or London Marathon ballot)
    • Level 2: £ 35.00 (includes E.A membership).
    • After substantial discussion about the pros and cons of having options, this recommendation was rejected and it was agreed 26/1 to stick with one option only i.e. £35, with full EA membership. People should join after 3 runs. We will discontinue half yearly discount (as this operates at a loss).
    • Mike W, Mike H and Peter W will explore pros and cons of a cheaper summer-run only membership – and bring back a recommendation to the Committee.


Discussion: the future direction of the club

Steve reported on a wide range of views received, with people liking and wanting more of everything! including training, socials, activities (maybe some more local), relaxed runs etc etc. It was agreed we should make more use of what EA has to offer. Steve stressed that members should feel free to organise activities.


Club events:

  • Beginners’ course: 24 have signed up, more expected. Intro evening 9 April, starts 23 April for 12 weeks. To be followed by Plodders Group through summer.
  • Castle Howard Trail race: strong PRC support on the day encouraged
  • 7 June: Wensleydale walk from Leyburn, Syd leading
  • Cleveland Way relay end June: Lorraine will coordinate
  • Club champs: Kim and Nick organising, aiming for Thurs 14 Aug in Dalby
  • Xmas party: Sue will plan, with help from Peter. Would like a live band. Sadie was thanked for her great party last Xmas.
  • Jayson offered to be main link with EA, with support from Sue
  •  XC league: Peter W will investigate if PRC can join
  • 10 K road race league: Marion volunteered to replace Mike W, to represent PRC with Syd
  • Other weekends/weeks away etc on Activities List on website: all welcome (subject to logistics)


Any other business

  • Dalby Dash is on this year: PRC asked to provide marshalls
  • Nick raised the issue of fast groups wanting not to stop – agreed runs need to take all members into account and agree what will happen before they set off.
  • Sadie requested that the member list be updated. Syd requested everyone puts their phone number.
  • Shirley proposed a vote of thanks to all who lead various activities, especially the run leaders/coaches
  • Philly thanked Steve for his ongoing contribution as Chair