Minutes of EGM - 1 October 2015

EGM – held at Malton Cricket Club 1st October 2015 at 9.00pm

Apologies:  Sadie, Kim, Simon R, Jennie Young, Hilary, Jason and Steve 

Present:  24

Chair Sue welcomed everybody and thanked them for coming to the meeting
OLD PROBLEM RESOLVED:- The decision as to whether to join the EA or 
not.. It was decided that the Club will stay with the EA which will mean 
that we will be covered with their insurance and also ARC insurance, we 
will still be entitled to training sessions if requested. There will 
also be opportunity to opt into individual EA membership  which will 
mean that that individual will be able to run in the York Summer League 
for example.
There was a show of hands and it was a majority vote for a split – 
therefore at next membership renewal, those wishing to stay with the EA 
the cost will be £35 and those not  (only with club membership) £23
All members will be entitled to full use of club facilities, but those 
in the EA can join the Summer York Road League and receive discount card
Any new members will be offered the choice
As a club with the EA, the run leaders have to complete the EA own 
leadership courses before they can lead a run. However, with ARC 
insurance (third party) any members who have been with the club for 2 
years  and would like to lead a run are permitted to do so, as long as 
this is minuted by the committee.

Club members who have/would lead runs so far are;-
Ian  Farrer                        Simon Jones
Jayne  Farrer                  Jayson
Paul Tate Smith                Kim England
Lynn  Humpleby                Peter Winter
Tess                                 Nicola Wise
Philly  Hare                      Dean Wise
Nick  Cousins                   Dave
Steve  Hampshire             Syd
Sally Edwards                  Sally B
Sally Raines                    Aillish
Michael Wilson               Michael Hetherton
Graham  Harrison           Karen FS

G0 Pro camera – This is with Nic……on his kitchen table!!!! Mike Wilson 
‘keeper’ of the camera with sign in/out book

TRAINING – As Graham is not available at present, Dave, Peter Winter  and Sue Slack
will share the Structured Training on a Thursday night
Message from Lynn – to encourage members to use/enter up and coming 
events on the website
Request from Kim and Lynn – to email either of them with information 
about your runs so can be edited in the local paper.

DALBY – PARK RUN –The Club not to commit.  Sue and Lynn to liaise

SYD pointed out First Aid Qualifications only valid for 3 years. First 
Aid packs to be collated and checked over. Nick mentioned Tesco have 
Summit first aid kits for £6.
TESS – to sort with EA re First Aid training.

PARTIES - CHRISTMAS PARTY on 18th December at Spencers bar, opp Black 
Bull  on Pickering Road..
Partners and children welcome, vegetarians catered for. Possible free 
transport from Malton and Pickering.
Please get in touch with Russ or Kate for more information.

BATHROOM PARTY - 10th October.. £20.00/ ticket,  children free… Great 
food and music

TUESDAY TRAINING NIGHTS – at 6.30 Malton Community Sports Hall for 
approx. 1hr (first Aid Kit required)

Meeting ends 9.45