Minutes of EGM - 26 February 2016


Apologies: Syd and Nicola

Sue would like to welcome our new club trainer, Dave O onto the Committee

Eskdale Fell Races – Lynn informs us that their race numbers have reduced due to Dave Parry being poorly. She suggested that maybe PRC could get involved a bit more, and that a representative from Pickering Club could go to the next Esk Valley meeting. Lynn is to contact Eskdale Club.

Does our Insurance cover us to do this?  The EA covers us for on the road.

ARC – Separate race insurance for organising.

Sue to check with Kim regarding Esk Valley race insurance when she organises the Saltergate Gallows race. Also with Nick regarding insurance for the Championships, (is it necessary that we pay the extra £28 for ARC race coverage?)


Reminder that it’s a trial run on the 12th March for Marshalls and the first run on 19th March

EQUIPMENT; Sue would like another set of cones and 6 skipping ropes

Currently we have: 1 set of cones, 2 ladders and 2 volley balls ( Dave O has some of own equipment, including skipping ropes, cones and ladders).

Tyres are still ongoing………………Sue has now seen Graham and Dave is in possession of the 4 PRC tyres!!

Presentations; Lynn informs us there are a few more presentations in the pipeline.

PRC Website – this is a big job and still ongoing. Hopefully draft Ian Farrer in to maybe get together with Peter and make a to do list and sort out.

Sue would like an area on web stating who is on the committee and who is guardian of various pieces of equipment.

Sue and Pete to have a mini meeting to tidy up website and sort out what needs doing.

First Aid Course: The Course will be on a Saturday after 18th March on a first come first served basis… it will last 4hr from 8.30 – 12.30     Sue to liaise with Robin and EA for some off road first aid.  Date to follow.

First Aid Bum Bags :  We presently have 2 bags at Malton Cricket Club and 2 at Pickering Rotary Club. Sue mentioned fold over waterproof bags to use instead or in addition to bum bags.

York Road League -  remind Syd

Summer Runs ; it is decided that whoever  is to run/lead a run the following week to take a first aid bag  and record this on the in/out sheet… so we have a record, and traceability of the bags

Syd to blog out new runs.

If anyone can think of any new runs, to plan them

Castle Howard agenda for next year?

Sue to ask Dave O w/c 6th June for day to suit next committee meeting, which will be at Peter's house in Appleton le Moors

AGM DATE; (details  to be blogged)  Thursday 24th March at Malton Cricket Club 8.30 prompt. There will be a bar and nibbles available