Minutes of AGM - 16 March 2017


Thursday 16th March at Malton Cricket Club



27 Members including:


President and maps: Syd Youngson

Chair: Sue Slack

Sec: Karen Farmer-Scott

Coach: Dave Owuor

Maps and Dalby liason: Dean Wise


Apologies: Serena Partridge, Steve, Rosie and Heather Riley, Nicola Wise(Treasurer), Simon Jones, Sadie Pattison (committee member without portfolio), Kim Cavill, Jen Wilkin, Lynn Humpleby, Peter Clisby (Web Manager), Amanda Welburn-Smith


Chair welcomed all


Minutes of AGM 2016 were proposed by Philly Hare and seconded by Sally Brown


Election of officers

Nicola to step down as Treasurer, has offered to stay on till replacement found… 2 members showed interest and will come back soon as decision made (Lizzy Wise and Paul TS)


Nicola thanked for all her hard work


Present committee members willing to stand for re-election, this was proposed by Steve Hampshire and Michael Hetherton.


Treasurers Report

Presentation of audited accounts (given by Lizzy and Dean Wise) in Nicola’s absence.  The Bank Balance at end of year is £1,517.03 (Lorraine Laycock audited the accounts and a thankyou card is on its way)


Membership fees for 2017/2018 will be £37. Full individual membership (required to take part                                                                                                                                                        in York Road League)               

                                                                         £23. Basic membership


Fees need to be paid before the 1st April


Website (Peter C)

PC is rebuilding the website to bring it up to date and simplify it (this is a long slow process).

He is asking for suggestions from members of what they would like on, what is useful and what is not, the rest can be put on our facebook page. 

PH proposed trying a template to maybe solve the time element of building a new website from scratch - SS to ask PC but also suggested that from her experience, templates are quite restrictive.

SS mentioned an update on testimonials, maybe one of our members could write one.

Peter Winter asked about a link from our website to facebook be included on the updated version – Sue to ask Ian Farrer


Race reports/facebook

Lynn Humpleby and Kim Cavill request if anyone does a race that they could send them a quick email with the results. Sue thanked them both for the race reports they do.



Tuesday night training team (Sally B, Paul TS and Andy H) , Thursday night (Dave Owuor) were thanked by Sue for their continued hard work.

Three of the Training team (PTS, AH and DO) to go on a leadership course for Fitness in Running in the near future.

Paul asked for First Aid Kit for Tuesday night training


The next Training Session for ALL is Thursday 13th April – this is with Jayson Cavill and DO - location to be confirmed.  (SY has arranged for Malton Cricket Club to be open for us that night)


Run List/maps (Syd and sidekick Dean)

March to beginning of April runs are on the website.

If anybody has a preference or knows of another run they would like to do, please contact SY


Access to Dalby Forest

There is to be a new system: (car registration) scanners, introduced on entry into Dalby…not yet up and going but expected near future.  This should not have an impact on volunteers doing the Park Run as name and registration will hopefully be already registered…

SS to sign documentation from Paul Ashford at Forestry Commission. This is for the annual permission for PRC members to run in Dalby Forest. Evidence of our insurance needs to be provided.

DW to continue to send number of PRC members who run in Dalby each month.


Club events

Club Champions – NC and KC to organize, this year Thursday 13th July at 7pm, so as not to clash with too many other races, and hopefully at a more suitable time for members who finish work later.   MH has offered to replace some trophies.

Saltersgate Gallows Fell Race – KC with support of NC to organise

Race/social with Leicester Running Club in Dalby –  on 11th June, Sue to liase with Bob Bud, 

We have a lot of other events going on and could be struggling for members available for that date.

Xmas Party – Fox and Rabbit at Lockton – Good show of hands, SS and DO to confirm party date and SH to book disco. RG offered to help with party.

Presentation evenings – on hold at the moment. PH offered to organize.

Cleveland relay – 25th June – volunteers required to organize, SB also suggested that water is carried  and available for every runner after completing their leg.

Club League – Mike is asking for suggestions as to what members want… it is their Hall of Fame;  examples are road events, off road, club runs… 

Castle Howard – (SY, DW) - we are still supporting 

Cedar Barn – Mad Mudder Style Race – SS/SH got concerns and do not want the club to be liable, if we offer to support.  PW offered to contact EA regarding insurance

York Road Race league (SY) Marion is no longer on the committee and DW has stepped in as replacement. There are 17 members signed up so far, (this is only available to fully paid up members). Entry is done online via stuweb

Club Resources (SS) – Sue would like ‘Guardians of Equipment’ to go on new website.

SH, PW and SS have storm shelters, PW has banner and hi viz jackets, MW,DW and SS have first aid kits, MW has the Go-Pro.


First Aiders to replace used kit and keep updated. (SS has top-up kit). First aid required to be carried by each group leader on summer runs.

SS enquired about renewing the YHA. SH said worthwhile doing but need more than 5 staying at YHA to get club discount.


Meeting closed  9.55pm