Minutes of AGM - 22nd March 2018


Thursday 22nd March at Malton Cricket Club


27 Members including:

Chair: Sue Slack

Secretary: Karen Farmer-Scott

Membership Secretary: Dean Wise

Treasurer: Amanda Welburn-Smith

President and maps: Syd Youngson

Coach: Dave Owuor

Tuesday training: Terry Greene


Apologies: Nicola Wise, Peter Clisby (web manager), Steve Hampshire, Serena Partridge, Hilary Turner, Paul Tate Smith, Paul Robinson, Shirley and Simon Tyrell, Pam Garnett, Lizzy Wise, David Stephenson

Chair welcomed all

Election of officers: Sadie Pattison is standing down from committee.

Present committee members willing to stand for re-election, majority vote of confidence. Proposed by MH and seconded by PJ

SS stated intention to stand down as chair at AGM 2019

Treasurers Report:  we currently have £1713.67 in credit

Membership fees for 2018 will be £38.00 Full individual membership (required to take part in York Road League) EA membership has gone up by £1, hence the rise from £37 to £38

£23.00 Basic membership

£10.00 Social membership

We currently have a record total of 91 members

Membership fees need to be paid in full by 1st April ’18

If paying by bank transfer, please email Dean or Amanda, your name, the amount paid and when.


Website: Still ongoing but is making headway. Aim is to have it up and running by next AGM.

Members thanked for adding new events on PRC site. Decided that, on the new website, we do not need the link to who is attending certain races as has not been used for a while

Sue asks members to write new testimonials.

Facebook: new website will link to this as old one doesn’t work

Training: Tuesday night training is entered on website.  If members have any new training ideas or wish to lead one night please get in touch with Phil Jackson.

Dave Owuor has completed his phase one training. Dave will continue to offer training twice a month on a Thursday night and is considering offering a new session after Easter on a Sunday Morning at Pickering.

Kim C has also completed her coach training and hopes to give club 4 more training sessions this year- how to pace a 10k, off road descending in summer; open to ideas.


Equipment: Tuesday night – Cones, ladders, balls (Nicola and Paul T S ) car tyres (Paul TS) Terry G – keeper of banner

New members informed we have 3 survival shelters and Go Pro style camera that is available for everyone’s  use .

Dean has Hi Viz vests – used for marshalling (SS to collect the remainder from PW).

SS to look into renewing YHA club membership.

First Aid Kits -SS to replenish if needed (Keepers: SB,MC,SS,DW)

Race Reports – Rachel Harper and Lizzy Wise are doing a brilliant job with writing the race reports. It’s just a pity that the Gazette and Herald doesn’t always publish them or cuts them short. Everyone in the club can read them on the website and on fb. SS thanked them for doing.

Summer runs: Car sharing encouraged (face book or blog pick up details)

Syd asking members to email him or Dean with runs you would like to do, included on run list page

Club Events:

Handicap – 3rd May (to be confirmed) this is a social event hosted by Terry and Kathy Greene.

York League – require marshals for Pocklington

Cleveland Relay – 24th June organized by Peter and Ben

Saltergate Gallows: 4th November, need to check when car rally on and whether we can return to the original longer route. Kim to organise.

Castle Howard: 9th July. Syd and Dean – leaflets

Presentation Evenings: Philly Hare to organize some social evenings with presentations.

Club League: Mike W to liase with Peter C how to put new plan on line.

Xmas Party: Fox and Rabbit  - Mike W and Simon R to organize and to liase with Dave O.


Phil asking if private activities, eg ski holiday, run by Steve H could be advertised on PRC face book - Steve to be asked and Philly H will take responsibility to copy and paste onto fb.

Some members (Chris, Phil, Amanda and Karen, David S) not getting notifications. SS will ask PC to look into.

PRC is a social club and the committee would like to encourage its members old and new to use the club facilities more and have a drink every so often to catch up and socialise.

Chris enquired if the club would be interested in running the Dalby Park run one Saturday (as a one off) as a way of promoting the club and maybe get new members.   Dean to discuss with Emma.


Nick Cousins – would like to organize a timed mile on the flat and also downhill. He will liase with MW when creating the league. Details to follow.

NC also been approached regarding PRC organising a race at the end of Thornton Dale show day on a yearly basis. A cup from 1919 has surfaced which commemorates a WW1 soldier. To be discussed by committee at next meeting.

Kim to source and buy two stop watches for the club


Philly thanked the committee for their hard work and organization.