Saltergate Circuit.

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Also known as 'Incredibly flippin' hot almost marathon'.

I did the 24 miles (and then some) in 5.13. This was probably because I lost sight of other people at Saltergate and had to figure out where to go on my own which is never a success.

I did see John something, who runs with us, at Levisham station, and he recognised me! Didn't have a clue who he was so was a bit embarrassing, especially seeing as I was bleeding from the neck and asking for directions at the time.

Even though I make it sound hellish, it was a really nice course, a beautiful day and I really enjoyed it. Plus, we had some awesome results in the short run. I think Lorraine came in as first woman and Nick was 4th.

Thanks Philly and Steve W for ferrying me about - I really appreciate the support from all you driving folk! I'll be the club taxi when I pass!


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Kim, your long-route time was

Kim, your long-route time was hugely and embarrassingly impressive compared to ours! By the end, our 24 miles had turned into 28.8 due to a few navigational errors, first in Dalby and later as we tried to get to the Fox and Rabbit! Nicola and Dean were in fine form, romping on effortlessly to complete in something like 7 hours. The rest of us (me, Dan, Hannah, Karen and Claire) took an unbelievable 9 hrs 15 minutes - getting home just as the sun was setting and only just beating the group of walkers who had been shadowing us for miles with much enjoyment and ribbing! However, we did then regain a bit of self-esteem by adding an extra lap beyond the finish line to make it up to a Garmin-certified 30 miles  (based on the realisation that we might never do an ultramarathon distance again!)

So it was hard work but a fantastic route, great weather (if a little hot!) and great company. We may have gone wrong a few times, but actually it enabled us to a) practice our map-reading and compass 'skills'  b) enjoy some lesser known paths (!) and c) come across a very welcome ice cream van that was not on the official route.

Special congratulations to Claire who had never done anywhere near marathon distance  - let alone ultra marathon - before (and hadnt imagined she would have to do it this time!)

All in all, a run I would highly recommend, with friendly checkpoints, good snacks (flapjacks, yum yums and tea on the boil), and beautiful scenery. Just wish my legs didnt feel this morning like a truck has driven over them...

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Respect to the

Respect to the Ultramarathoners

Well done to all the PRC members for a great turnout to support this local event.On behalf of the lightweight /lets get back for lunch brigade I can say we are in awe of the long routers who know how to have a full day out.Due to the heat I did stop at the checkpoints to have a drink occasionally but did not see any food or cups of tea.Perhaps this accounts for the difference between long and short route times.

Heres to next year but can I book a day with freezing temperatures and perhaps a few direction arrows for the Dalby forest section

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The Saltersgate Challenge