Thursday Runs

We meet for the Thursday training run all year round, come rain or shine, and nearly-always at 7:00pm (for a prompt 7:15pm start). The precise venue and nature of the run is published below. Details of common meet locations can be found here.

Over the summer months, the emphasis is on enjoying the local Yorkshire countryside (off-road) which we are fortunate to have close at hand. Over the winter, runs alternate between Pickering and Malton (mainly on-road) and are varied by the use of speed and hill work. Generally the runners split into two groups, one running 5-6 miles and another running 7-8 miles. Time taken varies but we are usually back by 9:00pm.  The distances below are all approximate and there are always shorter routes available.

Non-members considering joining the club are welcome to turn up unannounced at any of these runs.  It is strongly recommended that hi-viz is always worn and that a head torch is carried on dark evenings. For beginners, it is recommended you are able to run 5 miles or so at a slow-to-steady pace with only a few stops. 

For more information about joining the club, see the How To Join page.





Date Meeting Time 7.00 pm Meeting Place Run Distance Terrain Notes Grid 
26th March 7.15pm Start time Malton C/C Leaders Choice of routes Road HI-VIS and HEADLIGHTS or a GOOD TORCH  





   29th MARCH

2nd April 7.15pm Start Time Pickering Rec/C Broats Farm 3 Routes Mixed Terrain HI-VIS  
9th April 7.15pm Start Time Malton C.C Green Lanes round Malton Mixed Terrain HI-VIS  
16th April 7.15pm Start time Dalby Forest V/C A Romp through the Trees of Dalby  Forest tracks and Paths. HI-VIS  
23rd April 7.15pm Start Time Malton C.C

Centenary Way

Mixed Terrain HI-VIS  
30th April  7.15pm Start Time Sinnington routes pending Off Road  HI-VIS